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Blue Tilapia for Aquaponics, Pond, and Lake stocking. Perfect for raising your own quality food or for chemical free algae, plant, or muck control!

We raise and sell the highest quality Blue Tilapia in the world.

This is a PURE STRAIN of Oreochromis Aurea. Cold tolerance is 45 degrees, all other species die at 55 degrees.

There is a $100 minimum purchase.
1-2" fingerlings are $4.00 ea.
2-5" fingerlings are $6.00 ea.
Overnight delivery for up to 50 large or 100 small fish is $140.

Pond and lake stockers are;
$25/lb for orders under 25 pounds
$20/lb on orders over 25 pounds
Same Day Delivery to the nearest served airport is $250 per 50 pounds.

Live fish hauling and delivery services will be custom quoted.
Please call for wholesale pricing and minimum purchase requirements.

Call 314-732-3365 for more information or to place an order.

Thanks for your patience! A liabilty release is required to be completed before we may ship to some states.

We also clear muddy ponds and provide live haul services of up to 6000 pounds per load.

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